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Transcription services: what sets the professionals apart?
Choosing a professional transcription service can be a minefield. The number of online companies offering transcription is now huge and it can be a time-consuming task selecting one suited to your needs. This article, which could equally be called 'Pay peanuts - get monkeys', offers advice on the type of questions clients should be asking and the standards they should expect of any transcription service. Read Full Article ...

Digital Versus Analogue Tape Transcription - The Pros and Cons Considered
Digital audio recording is still a relatively new technology but one which has revolutionised the transcription industry. Clients are increasingly choosing to make digital recordings instead of using audio tapes. This article discusses the pros and cons of both digital and analogue formats, together with any relevant transcription issues. Read Full Article ...

Advantages of Digital Over Analogue Transcription or … Postal Strike? What Postal Strike?
Transcription clients who rely on analogue tapes to record everything from dictation to interviews and conferences have been increasingly inconvenienced by the recent postal strikes, while clients who've moved over to digital have been largely unaffected. This article discusses why digital recordings are superior in many ways to analogue and why more and more clients are making the switch. Read Full Article ...

Transcription: why a Transcriber is not 'just' an Audio Typist
There still seems to be a misconception that transcriber is merely a fancy name for an audio typist or even a copy typist, and that anyone with a modicum of office experience can provide a transcription service. This article discusses some of the very real differences which clients should be aware of before they choose a service.
Read Full Article ...

Voice Recognition - Will It Throw Transcription Companies On The Scrap Heap?
Voice recognition software has been hailed as both a replacement for secretarial staff and transcription services. This article aims to discuss the particular issues relating to voice recognition software and why it's not a magic 'cure-all' quite yet. Read Full Article ...

Transcription formats: how to choose what's right for you?
Few people speak in perfect written prose. We all have our verbal quirks and would probably be horrified to hear a recording of ourselves speaking in supposedly coherent sentences. This article addresses the pros and cons of different transcript formats: intelligent verbatim, complete verbatim or edited transcription.
Read Full Article ...

Transcription of a recording: factors which influence how long will it take
It's a common belief that one hour of recording takes one hour to transcribe. Far from it. We speak much faster than we can write or type; otherwise we wouldn't need shorthand or stenographers. This article discusses the factors which influence how long it takes to transcribe a recording, and offers advice on how to ensure a clear recording which will cut down on transcription costs. Read Full Article ...

Podcasts - Is Transcription a Good Idea?
So you have your podcast - why do you need a transcript? In this article, we discuss some of the practical reasons why transcribing podcasts is becoming more popular, as well as some of the specific transcription issues involved. Read Full Article ...

Podcasting Transcription - Things To Consider When Recording Podcasts For Eventual Transcription?
Transcribing podcasts and placing the transcript online alongside the audio recording has become an increasingly popular choice in recent years. In this article, we discuss what factors influence a clear podcast recording and any specific transcription issues which may need to be considered. Read Full Article ...

Conference Transcription - Book Early to Avoid Disappointment
The publication of conference proceedings with transcripts of speakers' presentations and Q&A sessions is part of providing a full service to conference clients. This article discusses the importance of booking the transcription service for any conference in advance, rather than waiting till after the event. Read Full Article ...

Conferences - Ten Guidelines for Successful Conference Facilitation
Conducting conferences successfully can make the difference between an accurate transcript which allows the production of complete conference proceedings or one riddled with 'inaudibles'. These guidelines offer advice on facilitating a conference and ensuring a clear recording. Read Full Article ...

Conferences - Ten Useful Tips for Successful Conference Recording
Recording conferences successfully can make the difference between an accurate transcript or one riddled with 'inaudibles'. These guidelines offer general technical advice on the issues involved when arranging a conference. Even when using the venue's in-house recording facilities, there are factors to consider which will maximise the chances of a clear recording.
Read Full Article ...

Lecture and speech transcription: how to organise and facilitate a clear recording
The impact of a lecture or speech need not end when the applause fades. If the eventual aim is to transcribe and publish the text, it's important to organise the event to maximise the chances of a clear recording. This can make the difference between an accurate transcript or one riddled with 'inaudibles'. This article discusses the factors which influence a clear recording and highlights any specific transcription issues that need to be considered.
Read Full Article ...

Lecture and speech transcription: 10 technical tips for ensuring clear recordings
The speakers are booked, the venue organised and delegates invited. What else? If the lectures or speeches are to be reproduced as text afterwards, then they'll need to be transcribed. This article offers specific technical advice on what you should take into consideration when organising the recording of lectures or speeches and, in particular, highlights any relevant transcription issues. Read Full Article ...

Making a recording for eventual transcription: how essential are microphones?
Whatever the event you need to record, be it a conference, meeting, focus group or series of interviews, it's important to maximise your chances of making a clear recording which can then be accurately transcribed. Many recordings can be ruined by taking unnecessary shortcuts at the recording stage. This article examines why using microphones is essential, together with the pros and cons of external and internal microphones, and the different types of microphones suitable for a range of recording situations. Read Full Article ...

We specialise in digital transcription services including MP3 digital transcription, WAV digital transcription, WMA digital transcription among many other digital audio file formats. We also provide standard audio cassette tape transcription covering micro cassette or micro tape transcription, plus mini tape or mini cassette transcription which is also known as audio transcription or audio typing services. This can be extended to include minidisc or minidisk transcription services. Extensive experience in conference transcription services allows us to offer transcription of conference proceedings including keynote speaker and plenary session transcription, lecture transcription, seminar and symposia transcribing, Q&A session transcription and transcription of breakout sessions, roadshows, roundtable discussions and workshops. Interview transcription services form a core part of our service and include one-to-one interview transcription, as well as multiple participant interview transcription. We are pleased to offer discounted transcription services for charities, students and universities for their research interviews, particularly qualitative analysis transcription compatible with Nvivo and Atlas Ti. Support for oral history interview transcription projects can include both digital transcription services and audio tape transcription. A niche specialty is our podcast transcription services which also covers webcast transcription. Transcription services for authors, writers and journalists can include anything from digital dictation for article transcription and manuscript typing through to research interview transcription. Also offered is focus group transcription, forum transcribing, market research and vox pop interview transcription as well corporate or group meeting transcription services. Word processing services and digital dictation for correspondence is also included. Teleconferences and telephone interviews can be transcribed from digital and analogue formats. Analogue video tape transcriptions are offered along with digital video transcription services. Different transcription styles are available including Intelligent Verbatim Transcription, Complete Verbatim Transcription, Edited Transcription and customised transcription styles for Oral History projects and Focus Groups.

We are pleased to offer free Advice Pages: Equipment FAQs Overview Transcription Times and free Guidelines for: Conferences Dictation Digital Audio / Minidiscs Focus Groups / Forums Interviews Lectures / Speeches / Presentations Market Research Vox Pops Oral History Interview Projects Podcasts Audio Tapes Teleconferences / Telephone Interviews Digital DVD / Video Tapes Webcasts Workshops Our Home Page provides an overview of the wide range of transcription services we provide.


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