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We are pleased to offer dictation transcription services to both individuals and businesses. Our experienced team of audio transcribers will undertake transcription of a variety of dictation across a wide range of disciplines including transcribing correspondence, notes, business reports, legal documents, contracts, minutes, surveys and personnel appraisals. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail in preparing your documents to a high standard of presentation and accuracy.

We are happy to work to your standard templates and accommodate any formatting and layout requirements. If you wish your correspondence to be printed on your headed paper, either send us a supply, or let us know the margins of your headed paper and we can ensure that the layout fits those measurements.

We have worked with a variety of dictation transcription clients including

Estate Agents
Management Consultants
Life Coaches
Expert Witnesses

and all manner of small businesses.

We understand the importance of accuracy, confidentiality and adherence to deadlines while maintaining a professional and cost effective dictation transcription service. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to urgent deadlines and hope our Testimonial page gives you an idea of the high quality of our service.

While the majority of our clients have switched to digital recordings, we recognise that there are an equal number of business people who are quite happy with their analogue systems. We are happy to continue to provide audio tape transcription services for as long as our clients need it, and the equipment is available, and this includes mini tapes and micro cassettes. We would be happy to advise if you're considering switching to a digital system - please see our comparison of digital and analogue recordings. Digital recorders, including digital dictaphones, offer exceptional recording clarity and simple transmission options, and the newer models offer a range of digital dictation features that are impossible with cassette-based recorders. We are able to accept digital audio files in most formats which can be uploaded easily and securely using our FTP website service.

We invite you to read our Guidelines and Equipment pages where we provide a few pointers on how to make the clearest possible dication. This will not only minimise your costs but reduce transcription turnaround times. We realise that budgets are limited but we would urge you not to cut corners and costs too much when investing in recording equipment - it really is a false economy. Poor quality recordings will cost more to transcribe, easily outweighing the cost savings of cheaper equipment.

Our prices per audio minute below are for digital or mini disc recordings. Our audio tape transcription service is based on an hourly rate for standard audio tapes, mini tapes or micro cassettes. Transcription times are dealt with in more detail elsewhere but, briefly, if you provide a clear quality recording, it will take between 4 to 6 hours to transcribe ONE hour of recorded dictation.

Dictation Transcription Services

Price Range Per Audio Minute
(digital recordings only & based on Intelligent Verbatim transcripts+)

Dictation Transcription - correspondence / notes / letters / reports / contracts / minutes
Standard rate
Discounted rate *

£1.20 - £1.50
£1.00 - £1.40

Please note: these rates apply only to good quality, clearly audible digital or minidisc recordings. The price range is designed to cover issues such as background noise, strong accents and technical terms. Should the subsequent recording prove to be not as described, we will requote and discuss this with you before proceeding. All prices are in £ Sterling and VAT is NOT applicable.

+ Add 50p per audio minute (25p discounted) for a Complete Verbatim or 25p per audio minute (10p discounted) for Edited Transcript price. See our Definitions page for details of what each transcript style means.

* The discounted rate applies only to universities, charities and students. All prices assume a good quality, clearly audible digital recording.

ALL RECORDINGS are listened to a second time, Internet research is carried out to identify names or terminology, and all transcripts are proofread by the Director, Irene Boston. There is no extra charge for this service. Not all transcription companies do this, some don't even proofread, so make sure you ask the right questions before choosing a service.

Our default transcript style is Intelligent Verbatim which ensures a full, accurate transcript but which omits all the unnecessary housekeeping information, as well as any quirks of speech which add nothing to the content; this is particularly suited to dictation and is a very cost effective method of transcription. Our other two styles of transcript are Edited and Complete Verbatim. Please see our definitions for more detail on what each transcript style means.

Free Digital Recording - we convert all audio tapes, micro cassettes, mini tapes and minidiscs to digital audio files for ease of transcription which may be of interest for recordings of reports. This is only possible with a clear quality recording. We subsequently can provide that recording to clients if they wish.

For all audio tapes, we advise you to send them using a traceable method, such as Registered Post, but please ONLY send originals. Copies will be of a much poorer quality and will increase transcription time and costs.

We hope this provides you with a thorough overview of our dictation transcription services. Please email or contact us on 01485 543746 for further information and turnaround times based on our current schedule, or browse our Overview or FAQ pages.

Our DICTATION TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES includes digital transcription from digital dictaphone recorders and minidisk or minidisc transcription as well as audio tapes transcription from standard audio tapes, mini tapes or mini cassettes, micro cassettes or micro tapes. Dictation transcription can be provided for letters and correspondence, manuscript or memoir dictation, business reports, legal documents, surveys, contracts, minutes and personnel appraisals. Dictation transcription services can also be referred to as transcribe dictation, transcribing dictation, transcribe correspondence or letter transcription. We are pleased to offer discounted dictation transcription service for charities, students and universities. Different transcription styles are available including Intelligent Verbatim Transcription, Complete Verbatim Transcription, Edited Transcription and customised transcription styles for Oral History projects and Focus Groups.

We are pleased to offer free Advice Pages: Equipment FAQs Overview Transcription Times and free Guidelines for facilitating and recording: Conferences Dictation Digital Audio / Minidiscs Focus Groups / Forums Interviews Lectures / Speeches / Presentations Market Research Vox Pops Oral History Interview Projects Podcasts Audio Tapes Teleconferences / Telephone Interviews Digital DVD / Video Tapes Webcasts Workshops Our Home Page provides an overview of the wide range of transcription services we provide.

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