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Teleconferences present particular challenges, both for those taking part and for the subsequent transcription. We understand those difficulties and are committed to providing a professional, accurate and cost effective service for all your transcription needs.

Over the years we've transcribed teleconferences on a wide variety of subjects, from corporate group discussions, board meetings, sales meetings, roundtable discussions, product briefs and marketing feedback sessions. We believe that our Testimonials page will show the high standard of our service.

We can provide teleconference transcription services from a wide variety of recordings. Our prices per audio minute below are for digital recordings or minidiscs which undoubtedly produce the clearest quality of recording. However, we still provide audio tape transcription, based on an hourly rate and clients should be aware of the extra transcription time this might involve. As with all multi-voice recordings, the key factor in how clear the final recording turns out to be is the equipment used, and the moderation of the teleconference as a whole.

To enable the transcriber to identify individual speakers, it's important to provide a list of speakers' names, a description of their voices or the order in which they speak. Otherwise, it will be impossible to identify accurately all the individuals - particularly as we probably won't have heard their voices before! The longer we work with a particular client, the more familiar we become with the possible voices involved but the list of participants is still vital.

We have produced detailed Guidelines specifically designed to make your recording as technically trouble free as possible, and to ensure the facilitation of your teleconference enables the maximum amount to be captured. Information on teleconference recording equipment can be found on our Equipment pages. We would be happy to advise if you're considering switching to a digital system - please see our comparison of digital and analogue recordings.

Teleconference Transcription Services

Price Range Per Audio Minute
(digital recordings only & based on Intelligent Verbatim transcripts+)

Teleconference transcription services - up to four participants
Standard rate
Discounted rate *

- £3.00
£1.60 - £2.50

Teleconference transcription services - multiple participants
Standard rate
Discounted rate *

£2.00 - £3.50
£1.75 - £3.00

Please note: these rates apply only to good quality, clearly audible digital or minidisc recordings. The price range is designed to cover issues such as background noise, strong accents and technical terms. Should the subsequent recording prove to be not as described, we will requote and discuss this with you before proceeding. See our Transcription Times page for the factors which influence transcription. All prices are in £ Sterling and VAT is NOT applicable.

+ Please add 50p per audio minute (25p discounted) for Complete Verbatim or 25p per audio minute (10p discounted) for Edited Transcript. See our Definitions page for details of what each transcript style means.
* The discounted rate applies only to universities, charities and students. All prices assume a good quality, clearly audible digital recording.

ALL RECORDINGS are listened to a second time, Internet research is carried out to identify names or terminology, and all transcripts are proofread by the Director, Irene Boston, before being sent to clients. There is no extra charge for this service. Not all transcription companies do this, some don't even proofread, so make sure you ask the right questions before choosing a service.

Our default transcript style is Intelligent Verbatim as that is the most cost effective method of transcription. Please read our definitions of Complete Verbatim, Intelligent Verbatim and Edited Transcript to choose which format is most suitable. We have a standard page layout for all transcripts but are happy to work in your house style if you wish. As with all our transcriptions, we provide a Transcript Code for each document to signify areas which are inaudible or unclear.

We would recommend giving as much advance notice of your teleconference transcription requirements as possible. This allows us to reserve space in our schedule. Most established, professional transcription companies have a long list of regular customers and to suddenly find a large block of free space can be difficult. So book your transcription company in advance, the same way you would the conference call itself. For any large scale projects, you will find our project management experience invaluable.

If you're using a digital format for your teleconference recording, you can Upload the files securely via this website to ensure prompt delivery to our transcription team. We can also download your audio sound files directly from your website if you prefer, or you can post CDs directly. Should your meeting have been recorded on standard audio tapes or minidiscs, we can still provide an audio transcription service. We always convert any minidisc and analogue recordings into digital format where possible, which cuts out on repeated stops and starts and increased wear on original recordings. Subsequently, we can also provide you with that digital re-recording free of charge, provided the originals are clearly audible.

We hope this provides you with a thorough overview of our teleconference transcription services. Feel free to call (01485 543746) or email us for a detailed quote based on your specific requirements and turnaround times based on our current schedule, or browse our Overview or FAQ pages.

Our TELECONFERENCE TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES includes MP3 digital transcription, WAV digital transcription, WMA digital transcription among many other digital audio file formats. This can be extended to include audio tape transcription and minidisc or minidisk transcription services. We are pleased to offer discounted digital transcription services for charities, students and universities. Teleconference transcription can typically involve transcribing corpporate group discussions, sales meetings, board meetings, roundtable discussions, product briefs and marketing feedback sessions.Different transcription styles are available including Intelligent Verbatim Transcription, Complete Verbatim Transcription, Edited Transcription and customised transcription styles for Oral History projects and Focus Groups.

We are pleased to offer free Advice Pages: Equipment FAQs Overview Transcription Times and free Guidelines for: Conferences Dictation Digital Audio / Minidiscs Focus Groups / Forums Interviews Lectures / Speeches / Presentations Market Research Vox Pops Oral History Interview Projects Podcasts Audio Tapes Teleconferences / Telephone Interviews Digital DVD / Video Tapes Webcasts Workshops Our Home Page provides an overview of the wide range of transcription services we provide.

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